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Friday Finds Under Fifty: Food-Related Finds | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Friday Finds Under Fifty: Food-Related Finds

Let’s face it. The economy’s in a mess. The holidays are coming up. The cost of living the superfantastic life isn’t going down anytime soon. And so it is that I’ve decided to add a new feature to the Basement of the Bargains: Friday Finds Under Fifty. Drop by each Friday to see a new set of superfantastic luxury goodies marked down to the sorts of prices you’d expect to pay for not-so superfantastic items. Give them to birthday boys and girls, be generous to new brides and grooms, wrap them and put them under a tree, keep them for yourself…just don’t miss these deals!

For our first article, I thought I’d go seasonal. After all, it’s November. Thanksgiving and a lot of other holidays that lead to big dinners with family and friends are on their way.

Our first deal is from Cooking.com on a beautiful and practical set of baking dishes by Le Creuset:

Le Creuset Baking Dish Set Cherry The set includes one 12″ rectangular baker and one 9″ square. Whether you’re baking a casserole, roasting root vegetables, or making a batch of delicious brownies, you’ll be set. Choose from four different attractive colors to fit your holiday table. The sturdy stoneware is great for oven or microwave and cleans up in a jiffy. It’s also pretty enough to grace any table.

The regular price on this set is $74.95, but right now Cooking.com has it for a mere $49.99.

Of course, before you get to dinner proper, chances are you’ll want to pass some appetizers to keep the ravening hordes at bay…or at least stop Uncle Charlie from rummaging in your cupboards for crackers while you put the finishing touches on your feast.

Old Dutch Copper Tray This handsome solid copper tray
from Old Dutch is just the thing to make those appetizers look even more tempting. At 17 3/4″ x 9″ it will hold enough to keep the crowd happy and the laquer finish will prevent tarnishing between parties.

The list price on this is $94.00, which really isn’t bad for that much solid metal. The good news is, you aren’t going to pay full price. You’re going to go to Amazon and get it for just $25.56!

Nothing brightens up home cooking like fresh herbs. With this AeroGarden seed kit, you can grow a delicious variety of them right in your own kitchen with a minimum of effort on your part.

AeroGarden Herb Kit Even if you don’t know one end of a trowel from another, you can grow the herbs you want most. Choose from French, Gourmet, International Basil, or Italian. Normally you’d pay about $30.00 for one of these sets, but right now you can go to Chef’s Catalog and get them for $19.99 apiece. Get one for yourself and one for another good cook you love.

Of course, once you’re done cooking, you’ll need to decorate your table to present your food as nicely as possible. That’s where Pottery Barn comes in.

Pottery Barn Dot Palampore Table Runner The Dot Palampore table runner is an elegant pattern in black on white that will set off both classic and contemporary dishware. The original price of this runner was $39.00 for the 18″ x 70″ length, and $59.00 for the 18″ x 108″ version. Right now, though, you can get the 18″ x 70″ for $19.99 and the 18″ x 108″ for a mere $29.99. Beauty is priceless, but it’s worth saving a few bucks!

If there’s one thing I never seem to have enough of when I’m feeding people it’s nice serving bowls. That’s why I want this oneicon from Nordstrom.

At 6″h x 10″d, it’s the perfect size for generous servings of vegetables. What’s more, since it’s clear, the color of your veggies becomes part of the look of the table, placing your food at center stage where it belongs.

The regular price of this gorgeous, lead-free bowl is $98.00, but it’s been marked down to just $48.00. Save $50.00 while putting something this pretty on my table? I think I could live with that.

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