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Half Off Hot Swimsuit

One thing that I find eternally frustrating as a plus-sized woman is the dearth of attractive, reasonably-priced swimwear in my size. When I find something pretty, chances are it doesn’t come in my size. If I find it in my size, chances are it’s designed to make me disappear in a plain, neutral corner. If I find one that’s the right size to fit me, yet fun and sassy enough to please me…chances are it costs an arm, a leg, and three internal organs. I can’t justify spending that much on something I wear a few times a year. Thus it is that I spend entirely too little time being fed pre-peeled grapes by cabana boys with oiled chests and exquisite talents for making cold drinks appear at will.

All that may change now that I’ve discovered Swimsuits For All. They carry a great variety of swimwear for men, women, children, and yes, plus-sized women. Take a look at this one:

Longitude Blue Flower Swimsuit The cut is pretty, the fabulous, swirly flower print in shades of blue and white with touches of black is sure to be noticed in a good way, and it even sparkles with a few subtle touches of silver!

All in all, this is perfect for lounging at the side of the pool in a really great sunhat and shades being fed grapes, but if you choose to get all wet, it looks practical, too.

Oh, and I did say something about a good price, didn’t I? Well, this gorgeous swimsuit is normally available for just $88.00. That’s not too bad, as swim suit prices go these days. But with sale code: longitude50, you can take 50% off that price and spend just $44.00! And if this suit doesn’t float your boat, it works on other selected swimsuits by Longitude, too.

Go take a look. I’ll be over here with Raul, being fed fruit.

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