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See The World Through Colored Glasses | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

See The World Through Colored Glasses

What’s the hottest accessory right now? It’s not necklaces or bracelets or earrings or scarves. No, it’s sunglasses. But designer sunglasses cost a fortune. Who has four or five hundred dollars to spend on a pair of sunglasses? Okay, I’m sure there are people who do. If they didn’t, designers wouldn’t have four and five hundred dollar pairs of sunglasses for sale, would they?

Of course, if you know where to look you can get those four or five hundred dollar sunglasses for a lot less.

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses These cool specs from Dolce & Gabbana are normally priced at $470.00. They look great, don’t they? Would they look even better if I told you I know where to get them for less than one hundred dollars?

If you head over to the Raffaello Network right now, you can get these designer sunglasses at a heck of a bargain price. Raffaello Network usually sells them for $277.00, which is a good deal compared to $470.00, but right this minute, they have these fabulous sunglasses marked down to just $82.00! That’s 83% off the retail value! Don’t think of it as spending nearly a hundred dollars on a pair of sunglasses, think of it as saving nearly four hundred dollars on the hottest accessory of the season.

And who can’t use a good pair of sunglasses in August?

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