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Cowboy Take Me Away | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Cowboy Take Me Away

In the hands of Uncle Frank after he’s had a couple beers, a camera is a dangerous thing likely to produce only blurry images of random people and unidentifiable objects. In the hands of an artist, it’s an entirely different beast that can reveal our world and our true selves.

A camera in the hands of Kendall Nelson, for instance, can produce images as beautiful and moving as this:

Kendall Nelson Cowboy Photo Printed in glorious black and white via the giclée process (a sophisticated process that produces fine art prints from a digital source), it will grace your wall and captivate your eyes.

Pottery Barn has produced a limited number of these handsome photographs and framed them using archival-quality materials. Each one is signed and numbered.

And each one is on sale! Originally priced at $300.00, it’s now half off, so you pay just $149.99.

Now if I can just find a bare spot on my wall….

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