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Loony for Mezzaluna | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Loony for Mezzaluna

A mezzaluna is a terribly handy device. It’s a half-moon-shaped knife designed for easy mincing of herbs, onions, and garlic. Traditionally, it’s used on a slightly bowl-shaped board to accomodate the shape of the knife and keep the items being chopped in order. And here’s what it looks like, for those of you who’ve never seen one:

Neem Wood Mezzaluna This lovely neem wood mezzaluna set comes with not only the mezzaluna (what? it’s a fun word to type) and neem wood cutting board with bowl-shaped indentation, but with three stainless steel cheese knives as well. The three knives and the mezzaluna all store neatly in the drawer underneath the cutting board. And the case can be flipped for use as a flat cutting surface as well. As for the wood, neem is a tropical evergreen from Southeast Asia that’s more durable than teak. And just look at that gorgeous grain!

Normally the set you see here would cost $79.95 from Cooking.com, but it’s on sale now for just $59.99! Think of it: four blades and two cutting surfaces all in a compact yet decorative storage case, all for just about the price of a nice dinner out. Plus you get the fun of saying mezzaluna. It’s even more fun to say than it is to type.

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