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Childs’ Play

I don’t usually do much for children here at the Basement. It’s not that I don’t think children deserve superfantastic things, but more a case of not going too far out of my way to find such goodies. After all, Teeny Manolo does an amazing job of finding great goodies for kids and moms. I usually feel my efforts in that regard would be somewhat superfluous.

But today I found something I just have to pass on because I know how much I would have adored it as a little girl and because it’s such an amazing deal.

Rosanna Children's Bake Set Rosanna’s 9-piece Let’s Play House children’s baking set nearly made me squeal with delight when I spotted it at Amazon.com.

The set includes an oven-safe pie plate and equally oven-safe cupcake pan, a mixing bowl, a cake stand, and four dessert plates in cheerful pastel colors all neatly housed in a dollhouse-shaped box. With a little help from mom, dad, the babysitter, or an older sibling, little bakers can produce their own delicious home-baked treats and serve them to friends and family with pride.

If there’s a small girl with an interest in baking in your life, this would make a fabulous gift for any reason you can imagine…and at the price Amazon.com is charging right now, you can afford to give it just because.

Usually priced at $90.00 (which is not at all bad considering what’s waiting in that box and how many hours of joy it will give), Amazon.com is currently selling it for a mere $27.00! That’s right, $27.00!

At that price, I want one for me.

After all, a girl is never too big to play tea party.

3 Responses to “Childs’ Play”

  1. Pencils July 1, 2008 at 9:18 am #

    It’s not on sale anymore! Wah! I’m pregnant with a daughter but I would have bought this and put it away for $27. Of course that would have guaranteed me a total tomboy. I’ll check back, maybe they’ll mark it down again. I have a bunch of Rosanna’s products for adults: a tea set, a cake stand, etc., and they’re very pretty.

  2. Twistie July 1, 2008 at 10:11 am #

    Oh no! Already? Well drat.

    But as you say, the more grown up Rosanna pieces are wonderful, too. That little bake set just made me feel like I was seven all over again…in a good way.

    Congratulations on the daughter-to-be, Pencils! And I hope they mark that set down again soon.


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