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Carry On, My Wayward Daughter | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Carry On, My Wayward Daughter

When one is living the superfantastic life, one may find oneself gadding hither, thither and yon for brief visits to interesting places. And when one’s stay is not long, there is no point in taking a great deal of baggage. Besides, we all have heard dread tales of people who boarded the plane only to discover when they reached Boca that their luggage missed the flight.

Either way, we can all use a good carry on bag to hold the bare necessities of a short stay. The best carry on bags are roomy yet compact, well-organized, and unlikely to be mistaken for anyone else’s carry on bag on the plane. After all, I once read the sad tale of a lady who was travelling to appear in one of Andy Warhol’s films. She put her costume of a silver mini-dress, matching go-go boots and silver wig in a simple black carry on bag and boarded her flight, then grabbed her bag (as she thought) when she left, only to discover at the hotel that ‘her’ bag now mysteriously contained a man’s dress shirt, a shaving kit, and boxer shorts of a most conservative style!

This would never have happened had the lady been carrying this elegant yet unmistakable Dr. Zhivago carry on bag from Viva Terra.

Dr. Zhivago Carry On Bag This sturdy yet elegant doctor’s-style bag is covered in recycled vintage wool tweed with a secure brass latch. Two outside pockets conveniently carry your tickets, maps, and other things you may need to reach quickly. Inside, there are another six roomy, zippered pockets to hold your cosmetics, jewelry, etc. as well as a change of clothes. And I guarantee it won’t be mistaken for anyone else’s luggage!

Best of all, this handsome, practical, and eco-friendly bag is also on sale. Originally priced at $289.00, it’s now half off for just $144.00!

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