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Games For People To Play

Sometimes it feels good to sit down with a good friend or family member and play a classic game like backgammon or chess. Not everyone, though, has their own board or pieces.

<>Geoffrey Parker Travel Backgammon/Chess/Checkers set But if you own this handsome travel game set by Geoffrey Parker, you’ll be ready whether the game is backgammon, chess or checkers. The hinged board folds into a thin, easy to carry case and the pieces are magnetic in case you want to play while travelling. And at two pounds, chances are it weighs less than your laptop. No matter where you go with this set, you’ll be ready to challenge anyone to a game in style.

Best of all, it’s on sale. Saks Fifth Ave normally carries this multi-game set for $425.00, but they’ve slashed the price to just $255.00. Now, is anyone up for a game of chess?


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